Ivan Stoykov

Data Science, Analytics, Visualizations, Machine Learning

Insights and Solutions with Data Mining, Analytics, ML...

My name is Ivan and I am based in the Washington metropolitan area.

I am a data scientist with a passion for storytelling. I enjoy working on data-driven applications, websites, products and projects that encompass data modeling, mining, simulations, visualization, and dashboard design.

I provide value to startups, organizations and teams by:

  • Cleaning, organizing, and visualizing data
  • Finding meaning in your data
  • Creating data pipelines
  • Feature engineering
  • Creating predictive models
  • Designing real-time dashboards
  • and more...

I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Computational and Data Sciences from George Mason University.

I come from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria and in my free time I enjoy singing, playing instruments, writing and recording songs.

I am available for new projects and work, contact me at ivan@ivanstoykov.com.

Past Projects

Here are some of the projects I've worked on and could share

Litter Detection with YOLOv5

I designed a real-time litter recognition system using the YOLOv5 deep neural network that recognizes plastic, metal, and glass. The models were trained using open-source images and achieved recognition of upwards of 70% for plastic, metal, and glass. This model was packaged into a Rest API and submitted to the 2021 Opportunity Project Competition hosted by the CENSUS Bureau.

Learn about YOLOv5 and Vision AI

Plastics Data Aggregation and Dashboard

My team and I extracted, transformed, and unified data from the top 5 global plastics pollution datasets - EarthChallenge 2020, Litterati, Cleanswell, TIDES and Marine Debris Tracker. We designed an interactive dashboard showing the statistical difference in plastic pollution before and after enacted state legislation. I also created a presentation and presented findings in a live-streamed event alongside Harvard and Villanova students.

Read article written about our project by Dr. White from George Mason University

View Litter Dashboard

3D Printable Syringe Pump

I designed a custom 3D printable syringe pump system for precise delivery or extraction of liquids using Fusion 360. The pump featured a manual pusher release button, and was designed to fit disposable syringes of any size between 3 and 60 ml without additional, swappable attachments. I programmed and soldered the SMD stepper-motor driver to control it.

View or download syringe pump CAD files

Let's work together

I enjoy solving problems, collaborating with others and helping startups and organizations. If you’re working with data and need a data-driven solution or if are interested in hiring me, get in touch.